The People


Pål Sollie, the mind behind the iconic high performance Goldfish boats™, has had an urge to tap into the emerging possibilities of a whole new boating experience enabled by hybrid electric engines.

Together with designer Stig Olssøn, this passion project has become reality and emerged as what we call the “sail tender” – a functional approach tender with the silent cruising experience of sailing.

MONO is the result of taking a functional approach to product development.
This is a careful balancing act of form and function, meaning that aesthetics are always developed based on technical solutions. Nothing is left to chance and every detail, fitting and material is designed and selected to contribute to the overall performance and presentation of the boat.

Pål Sollie



Pål is a passionate, self-taught Entrepreneur, bubbeling with endless ideas of new and innovative concepts.  With a strong inner drive he is always on a quest for optimizing, improving and moving the industry standard for how boats perform.

Stig Olssøn



With a great passion for boats, design, technology and production Stig is the typical Product Designer. He has an holistic approach to product development, ensuring all aspects have been thought of from initial R&D processes, through manufacture to the hands-on assembly process.



Balt Yacht - Yacht Builder & CNC

A state of the art concept demands a lot from the production team. We are very proud of our production partner Balt-Yacht. They have proven to have the experience, mindset and facilities to meet our ever-growing demands.